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5 Consumer behavior tricks you can use with your boss

A few weeks ago, I was asked what advice would I give someone just starting off their career. 

I didn’t have to think, it was emotional intelligence. 

I have seen so many people advance in careers even when they are technically inadequate because they know what to say and when to say it. That might seem unfair to some people, but as Bill Gates said: 

“Life is not fair - get used to it.” - Bill Gates

While learning about consumer behavior, I couldn’t help but notice those tricks that were originally meant to seal a sales deal, but isn’t your relationship with your boss yet just another deal? Perhaps you could also use them with your date. 

So, what are these tricks anyway?

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Do you fix things or replace them?

In my hopeful attempt to declutter my too many stuff, I found many clothes I didn’t love - and for that, I feel blessed I can let them go. 

I even discovered some clothes that I haven’t worn for a while, they were fairly new and I absolutely loved them. It was like I just came back from a shopping trip - that was nice. 

There were also some clothing items that I wasn’t wearing not because I didn’t love them, or they didn’t fit, but rather because they needed some repairing. Something like fixing the zipper.

Last Friday, I gathered my energy to go to a tailor recommended by a friend…

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How exactly hard is it to say “No”?

A few weeks ago, a colleague mentioned two things he likes about me. One of them is my ability to say, “No.” 

My response? 

Flattered. If you know me, you would know how much I like compliments, but then again, which girl doesn’t? 
Although flattered, I wasn’t really sure if that was a good thing, of course in other people’s opinions, not mine. I know I do say “No” when I want to say “No” and it does come easily to me. Perhaps it’s because I like to put myself first. Some people call that “selfish”, but if my well-being is “selfish” then be it. 

While I know I can say “No”, I witness a lot of people who say “No” with all their body and heart, but yet, still do whatever someone else has asked them to do. In some negotiations, from the bottom of their hearts, they don’t want to do it, yet they do. 

The scenario below may sound familiar.

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The Secret to Attracting Fortune, Abundance and Success

It could have been a coincidence, but according to Jooyun Hong, the author of the book, “The Having”, and the guru that guided her through her journey, Suh Yoon Lee, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Last Friday, practically, 2 days ago, I coincidentally met a friend that I haven’t seen or caught up with for a long time. We stopped for a short yet inspiring conversation and he recommended me this book, “The Having”. He actually said he finished this book at least 5 times! I mean the book was just published in February 2019.

I literally finished listening to it on audible in exactly 2 days, Saturday and today Sunday. With every chance that I can get to listen to it, I would take it, whether if it was getting ready in the morning, at the gym, in my long dreadful commute or even when painting my nails. I was hooked.

If didn’t have to go to work, I would have listened to it all night long.

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Why did I start wearing that special occasion dress in a typical day?

While I intend to do the “spring cleaning” and do the occasional cleanup, I don’t get rid of as much stuff as I should. 

Any messy person like me, who made the attempt to try to be more “organized”, and did a little Googling, will find Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying. Although I had a pretty failed attempt on following her footsteps, as I mentioned in I couldn’t be a minimalist and here is why, I did come up with the conclusion of having, keeping and buying only the stuff that I fall in love with. Stuff that makes me feel beautiful. Stuff that makes me happy.

I can’t help but notice though that I do have many many things that I keep for a special occasion. That dress that was on a special sale I bought 4 years ago and never “had” the chance to wear it. The silver heels that I bought for that special occasion and only have worn it once at that special occasion. The candle lights that I will light up when I want to pamper myself at home. The jewelry that will only be suitable for that special occasion… that by the way, doesn’t happen that often.

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What is the biggest lesson you learned in your travels?

Someone recently asked, “What’s the biggest lesson you learned in your travels?”

I didn’t have to think twice. The first thing that popped into my mind was… 

Do not buy pre-arranged travel packages. Period.

Some of the beautiful ladies from The Solo Female Traveler Network mentioned, 50 Travel Tips on Spending Less, that one of their ways to make sure they stay on budget is to purchase everything in advance - that way, you know what you are getting yourself into.

I would agree if that was done by me as an organizer, using, Expedia or Airbnb. 

I, however, have fallen into the trap that was fed by my urge to make an impulse decision - to book a last minute ticket through a travel agency, Holiday Factory. Apologies to myself for making this decision, and here is why I apologize to myself - and promise her to not ever fall into that trap ever again.

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“That’s good”… Start with “That’s good”

I was talking to a friend today about my day… and of course, like any human being, I would say something that might have upset me.

The response was? 

“That’s good… It means …”

As I was going on the conversation, I was saying, “Maybe, but I think it could also be this… because of that…” 

And then I get another response. He tells me…

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Do impulse decisions screwup your finances?

Let’s talk about impulse decisions because I definitely fall victim of those ones. Not to say that I don’t enjoy those decisions. In fact, most of the time I actually do very much enjoy them, and perhaps that’s the reason why I keep on embarking on those impulse decisions. One… right after the other. 

And if that wouldn’t impact my financial situation, I guess it wouldn’t bother me that much, or let’s say, it wouldn’t trigger me to think about it in the meantime… but it is. 

You see, while reading, researching and trying to understand why we buy the things we do, and what triggers us to do it, I completely wiped out the impact of which generation you are part of. Each generation has different triggers and that is because they have grown up in specific atmospheres that impact their spending behaviors.

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