In my hopeful attempt to declutter my too many stuff, I found many clothes I didn’t love — and for that, I feel blessed I can let them go. 

I even discovered some clothes that I haven’t worn for a while, they were fairly new and I absolutely loved them. It was like I just came back from a shopping trip — that was nice. 

There were also some clothing items that I wasn’t wearing not because I didn’t love them, or they didn’t fit, but rather because they needed some repairing. Something like fixing the zipper.

Last Friday, I gathered my energy to go to a tailor recommended by a friend… and the tailor was actually recommended for tailoring dresses or clothing items rather than fixing clothes. I was like ok perfect, so I will go fix what I need to fix and test the tailor by trying to tailor a brand new dress. 

A disclaimer — I usually buy my clothes and I haven’t really tailored any clothes before, so that’s a first. 

I was talking about it to another friend in the morning, and he thought I wanted to tailor the dress because it could be cheaper than buying a brand new one… Well, he thought so because of my blog. 

Don’t forget though, the key is to spend money on things you absolutely love… and to be honest, I want a very specific cut that I haven’t found in the market. I am not even sure if it’s going to be cheaper.

Hmmm…. Maybe I could be looking out for deals, who knows? Not a bad idea. 

I went to the shop and the tailor who takes the measurements for the new dress wasn’t there, so I ended up fixing the clothes that I love. I still have to do another visit to tailor that special dress. 

On that note, how many things did we throw away or stopped using because they needed a little fix? I bet a lot. We might even go all the way to buying a replacement just because we are too lazy to fix whatever we currently have — at least I know I sometimes do. 

I also can’t help but remember this post (see below) that I usually see on social media… Who said consumer behavior isn’t related somehow to relationships? 

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