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I couldn’t be a minimalist and here is why

If you know me, and I guess you might not, you would know how much clutter I have. Whether that is in my apartment or in my car, you will find things everywhere… practically, left and right… On top of every chair… and pretty much on any spot, you could lay your eyes on. 

I think at some point in my life my mom gave up, called me “creative” and then starting laughing about it. At least we can laugh about it… right?

A few years ago, I talked to a friend who has become a minimalist and she told me how liberating that feeling was for her.

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Why do we hang out in expensive places?

A few weeks ago, I was passing by a not so fancy neighborhood, and I found an iftar offer that was so cheap… even cheaper than the Entertainer discount, without actually having to ask for a discount. It could be the same exact food, just a different neighborhood and… cheaper.

Depending on the city you are living on, the expenses would also beg to differ.

But then again, why do people choose, including me, to go to some places over other cheaper places?

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50 Weird but effective tricks for spending money while traveling

Being on my spending less mission, I asked women from all over the world a simple question, in one of my favorite groups on Facebook, The Solo Female Traveler Network

What do you do to not overspend in vacations?

In just a one day, I have received more than 300+ responses. Crazy impressive, right? It’s beautiful to be part of this community that would support women from any spot of the world, traveling to any part of the world, even if that support was just emotional.

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I bought it… so I love it

That right here… what’s happening to me, is called the choice-supportive bias or post-purchase rationalization.

I am realizing I just made a bad choice, one that could have been avoided. However, I am trying to dilute the negatives of my choice and inflate the positives of my choice…

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Ask for a Discount

There are so many products out there that proved successful in the market due to adapting the discounting model. Some even call it a happiness trigger.

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Icecream Guilt Trap

I was passing by Coldstone in the mall, and guess what? I stopped to ask if my favorite red velvet flavor was there, but it wasn’t. I was given the Lotus flavor to taste even without asking. I liked it. I asked for the bubblegum flavor, then I asked for the cheesecake flavor.

Long story short, I bought one.

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