Hey there, I am Sherwette…

… and I am passionate about consumer behavior.

But also, I am a woman of many passions. Lucky me, right?

Emilie Wapnick describes that kind of people as “multipotentialites” in her Ted Talk, why some of us don’t have one true calling? 

One question that always intrigues me is “why?”

If I am not convinced, then good luck having me do anything. Some people call that hard to manage, but is it? Maybe curious or a little geeky?

Passion drives action. It makes the world shine.

Nothing is more beautiful than the glow in someone’s eyes who is talking about his passion.

Get to Know Me

Before I get into the professional credentials nitty-gritty, I will start with some personal stuff. I’ve tons of experience, I promise…. But just like getting to know someone on the first date or getting to know a friend, listing that LinkedIn resume-like accomplishments might not be the best way to lead. 

First things first. Coffee. Although I am lactose intolerant, I am a latte lover, and so I keep telling myself I will start having black coffee “someday,” and that day never comes. I like to savor my coffee and also food, for that matter. I indulge in almost all cuisines, and one of my favorite things to do when traveling to a new country is having a food tour to try different bites. I love cooking too—but man, do I hate doing the dishes… 

I am not the most organized person in the house, but one thing I always love to have is clean laundry, folded or not. I am good as long as my favorite outfits are clean and ready to wear.

I love painting, and one of my biggest dreams is to have a studio at home where I paint without caring about how much mess it will make. It will be my secret outlet. 

I am a mix between extrovert and introvert. I know that sounds odd. Sometimes I just want to be alone with my own thoughts–but not too long, because then you will find me speaking to strangers about random topics. In a networking event, you will find me getting to know others… but the but is that I’ve got to be in a good mood; else, I’d just better be at home, doing other stuff that I enjoy, like Netflix. 

And while we are at it, we have got to talk about Netflix to get deep into our relationship. Don’t we? 😉 As cliche as it could get, I love my romantic comedy movies… But lately, I’ve been in love with all Marvel movies… and their series too. I love Jessica Jones and Iron Man, in that order.

I enjoy good music, but I am too lazy to build my own playlist (if you have a good one, please share it with me!)… so I end up listening to podcasts and audiobooks on my commute.

And at the end of the day, nothing really beats a good time with friends and having a good laugh!

Did we get personal enough? 😉 … Let’s move on to the professional side of things.

The LinkedIn Side of Things

I like logic. That’s what makes sense to me. 

I graduated with a degree majoring in Software Engineering in Malaysia, where I was literally living in the forest among monkeys jumping around… and I LOVED programming… I used to go to a Java summer camp. Geeky, I know! 

Part of my degree included taking an 8-month internship before my final year, so naturally, I was applying to all programming jobs like there was no tomorrow. 

Then I had a conversation with my career counselor, who recommended I try “Management Consulting.” He told me it fits my profile… I am not sure what he saw in me at that time, but I am glad he did.

My response was:  What is consulting? 

He explained a bit to me, so I went back to my dorm room, on my laptop, Googling the hell out of this job, and then I got a list of all consulting companies that there are… and started applying to get an internship. I declined all my other “technical” offers… and was putting all my eggs in one basket… Getting that consulting job. 

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was a real nerd, a bookworm, that A-student that most classmates don’t like because they “ruin the curve.” I thought that was the “path to success.” 

And I kid you not, the moment I started this internship, I realized “being an A-student” has nothing to do with that “real-world” employment, let alone Management Consulting. 

My first job was literally to try to persuade some people to do things they didn’t want to do–or at least that was what seemed to me at the surface. And… I SUCKED at it. Big time!  I had clients hang up the phone on me… and I thought I was a loser. From an A-student to a loser. Perfect. Not very ideal, is it? 

But I learned about consulting that it’s much more than doing things you have no idea about doing at first glance. It’s about the network and support I also got from my colleagues and mentors. I remember my manager at the time was very calm and explained to me that she also went through the same, and so did our colleagues…So, “what’s the solution?” I wondered. 

We got training. The company flew a professional trainer to help us get the job done, from teaching us how to talk to clients on the phone to what to say in the meetings and how to handle objections. I couldn’t believe what had happened next. Everything changed. Not only did I not suck and was able to get some clients to say YES, but so did the whole team. 

This brings me to two realities:

  1. I don’t suck
  2. I can do things I never thought I would

So long I get the right support and mentorship and always have that open mindset to learn something new, even if it’s outside my comfort zone. 

And from there, “consulting” became my “dream” job.

I wouldn’t lie to you. At first wanted to get into IT consulting, given my “Software Engineering” degree background…. But my passion for understanding consumer behavior and psychology was bigger than IT, especially since I was no longer in the programming game, which is the thing that I loved the most in IT. 

And so I joined the Management Consulting industry, where I have over 10+ years of experience, specializing in customer experience and business transformation. So, here is where I worked with large organizations in helping them improve their customer experiences, services, and products to 1. Have more happy customers, and 2. Keep them loyal 

I’ve worked on multiple projects with various industries and accumulated so much knowledge along the way… This is when I decided to write my very first Amazon best-selling book, Why No One Is Buying Your Product, which I launched on the 17th of April 2022. 

Oh, and by the way, if you want to really get that LinkedIn resume, all you have to do is go here…. Be sure to connect with me and say Hi 🙂 

So… Why this blog?

I love writing. It’s one of my many passions. I also love solving problems. 

And after writing and successfully publishing my very first book, I thought, why don’t I write a second book, a third one, and so on? And while that thought sounded tempting to me, and I did start writing my second book, I remembered how long it took to get it out, and I wanted to provide value in a faster turnaround time. 

And so–I decided to take this blog seriously to provide you, the business owner, the product owner, and the customer experience manager, with the right tools to design and deliver awesome experiences to your customers. At the end of the day, you have worked so hard to acquire those customers, so you’ve got to keep them happy and loyal!  

So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy reading the blog.

Note: My views are my own, and do not represent any of my employers.

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