I was talking to a friend today about my day… and of course, like any human being, I would say something that might have upset me.

The response was? 

“That’s good… It means …”

As I was going on the conversation, I was saying, “Maybe, but I think it could also be this… because of that…” 

And then I get another response. He tells me… 

“I started something new for myself… Whenever anyone says anything to me or I want to form an opinion on something that happens to me, my immediate response will be ‘that’s good’” 

I stopped for a second and thought. Nice technique. I should adopt that more often… 

Whenever someone comes with an issue… Whenever something unfortunate happens… just say “That’s good…”, and then start thinking of what follows. 

I hear you, easier said than done, but why not give it a try? 

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