In the rapidly evolving digital age, where customer expectations are at an all-time high, the quest for the best customer experience tools becomes not just a pursuit but a necessity for businesses aiming to lead.

As a beacon for professionals seeking to harness the power of top-tier customer experience platforms, our mission is to provide you with an authoritative guide that stands as your compass in the dynamic world of customer engagement.

Emerging technologies and shifting customer experience trends continuously reshape the customer experience landscape. Selecting the optimal tools and software is paramount for businesses striving to not only keep pace but also set the benchmark in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our comprehensive reviews, meticulously curated lists, exclusive advice, and step-by-step tutorials are designed with a singular focus: to empower your organization to save time, reduce costs, and maximize its potential in the realm of customer engagement.

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What are the Best Customer Experience Tools?

The customer experience management tool is engineered to assist organizations in enhancing their customer experience. It achieves this by aggregating and analyzing customer feedback from multiple channels, mapping out the customer journey, pinpointing areas for enhancement, and executing strategies to elevate the overall customer experience.

CEM software typically encompasses functionalities like management of customer feedback, sophisticated data analytics and reporting, workflow automation, collaborative tools, and robust integration capabilities.

In this article, we will explore some of the premier customer experience management tools currently available in the market.

So, let’s get started.

1. Salesforce 

(Best for Customer Relationship Management Functionalities)


Salesforce, recognized by Gartner as a Leader in Customer Data Platforms, offers a robust suite of services designed to bring companies and customers closer together. With its diverse range of products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce provides an all-encompassing solution for businesses seeking to enhance their customer support and manage the customer journey more effectively.

CRM and Service Platforms are at the forefront of digital transformation in customer relationship management, offering businesses cutting-edge functionalities to enhance their service processes.

Key Features:

  1. Utilizes artificial intelligence to automate responses and provide actionable insights, significantly improving response times and customer satisfaction.

  2. Brings marketing, sales, service, and IT departments together on a single platform, fostering a unified approach to customer engagement and streamlining internal processes.

  3. Offers flexible solutions that grow with your business, ensuring that evolving customer needs are met efficiently and effectively, regardless of company size.

  4. Provides an extensive learning ecosystem to equip users with the necessary digital and soft skills to maximize the potential of CRM and service tools, driving innovation and business success.

  5. Utilize Experience Cloud to create personalized, branded communities for your target audience, leveraging pre-built templates and components to accelerate deployment.

Key Benefits:

  • Unified Customer View: Salesforce enables a 360-degree view of the customer, allowing for a seamless and personalized customer journey across all touchpoints.

  • Enhanced Customer Support: With Service Cloud, businesses can leverage AI-driven insights and automation to resolve customer issues faster, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Streamlined Operations: Salesforce’s workflow automation and collaboration tools help in optimizing internal processes, ensuring that marketing, sales, and service teams work in harmony.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Salesforce empowers businesses to make informed decisions based on comprehensive customer insights through data analytics and reporting features.

  • Scalability: Tailored for both big and small businesses, Salesforce’s flexible platform grows with your company, addressing evolving customer experience audits and needs.

  • Accessibility: Offerings like the Salesforce Starter Suite allow businesses to try out the platform for free without installing software or using a credit card.

  • Community and Learning: Salesforce’s Trailhead platform offers valuable digital and soft skills training for free, fostering a community of well-informed users.


Highly customizable, extensive third-party app ecosystem, and excellent customer support.


It can be cost-prohibitive for small businesses, have a steep learning curve, and be over-complicated for small-scale use.


Pricing varies depending on the services you need, starting from $25 per user per month.

Salesforce Pricing

Platform Starter: $25 per user per month.

Platform Plus: $100 per user per month.

Bottom Line:

Salesforce represents a pivotal solution for businesses focused on elevating their customer experience management. By integrating marketing, sales, and service into a single app, Salesforce ensures that every customer interaction is an opportunity to impress, retain, and build lasting relationships.

2. Sprinklr

(Best for Omnichannel Engagement Platforms)


In the digital era, where every interaction shapes the customer’s perception of a brand, Sprinklr has emerged as a pivotal CX software platform designed to manage customer relationships across the entire customer journey.

As an all-encompassing digital experience suite, Sprinklr equips businesses with the tools necessary to engage, listen, and respond to customers across 30+ digital and social channels.

This holistic approach ensures that every touchpoint is an opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience, driving loyalty and revenue in a competitive marketplace.

Key Features:

  1. Consolidates data from various channels into a single customer profile, enabling personalized engagement across all platforms.

  2. Ensures a seamless customer experience by maintaining brand voice and message uniformity across digital and physical interactions.

  3. Employs sophisticated analytics to glean actionable insights from customer interactions, helping brands make informed decisions.

  4. Integrates AI-driven automation to streamline customer service processes, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

Key Benefits:

  • Holistic Customer Journey Management: Sprinklr offers a unified platform that enables organizations to manage customer interactions seamlessly across all digital touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and personalized entire customer journey.

  • Advanced Digital Experience Capabilities: With its state-of-the-art AI and analytics, Sprinklr transforms the way businesses understand and cater to their customers, delivering insights that drive more targeted and effective engagement strategies.

  • Efficient Customer Support Integration: Sprinklr’s platform includes features like live chat support, conversational AI, and omnichannel routing, which streamline customer support processes and elevate the quality of service provided.

  • AI-Powered Insights and Analytics: Leverage Sprinklr’s AI to gain deep insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and trends, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance the customer experience.

  • Content Marketing Optimization: Through content marketing and campaign planning tools, Sprinklr helps brands create, manage, and optimize marketing content across various channels, ensuring consistency and relevance.

  • Workflow Automation and Collaboration: Improve operational efficiency with Sprinkles workflow automation and collaboration tools. These tools reduce manual effort and enable teams to focus on strategic customer experience initiatives.


Extensive feature list, strong analytics, and the ability to handle large volumes of data and interactions.


The solution can be over-complicated for smaller organizations, and initial setup can take time and effort.


Contact Sprinklr for a personalized quote. Pricing starts from $249 per seat/month.

Sprinklr Pricing

Bottom Line:

Sprinklr’s comprehensive suite of services, from Sprinklr Service to Sprinklr Insights, offers a revolutionary approach to customer experience management. 

Integrating multiple aspects of the digital experience—from social listening and marketing analytics to contact centre insights and omnichannel customer service—Sprinklr empowers organizations not just to manage customer interactions but to anticipate needs and proactively engage, thereby redefining what it means to deliver exceptional customer experiences in today’s digital world.

3. Zendesk

(Best for Customer Relationship Management Functionalities)


In an age where excellent customer experience is the cornerstone of business success, Zendesk emerges as a transformative force meticulously designed to improve customer experience across all fronts. 

As a comprehensive experience management platform, Zendesk offers an innovative suite of solutions that empower businesses to create more meaningful, personal, and productive relationships with their customers. By integrating support, sales, and customer engagement, Zendesk breaks down the barriers between companies and their customers, making excellent service the standard.

Key Features:

  1. Zendesk represents an advanced platform for customer service and engagement, adopted by thousands of enterprises worldwide.

  2. It offers a comprehensive suite of features encompassing multichannel communication, an efficient ticketing system, robust data management, and collaborative tools, among others.

  3. Zendesk provides an advanced cloud-based solution that includes ticketing, live chat, extensive reporting, and a knowledge database while also facilitating seamless integration with applications such as Fullview and Klaus.

  4. Zendesk elevates customer support operations, functions as a CRM platform, and provides an integrated solution for complete customer assistance.

  5. Zendesk’s notable capabilities include live chat, an extensive knowledge base, a proficient ticketing system, and analytical insights for customer support.

Key Benefits:

  • Unified Customer View: Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your customers by unifying all customer interactions and data within a single, easy-to-use platform. This complete view allows businesses to provide a tailored and smooth customer experience across various channels.

  • Streamlined Customer Support: Zendesk simplifies the complexity of managing customer support inquiries through its efficient ticketing system, live chat, and help centre solutions. This ensures that every customer query is addressed promptly and effectively, fostering trust and loyalty.

  • Enhanced Productivity with AI and Automation: Leverage the power of AI and automation to streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and enable your team to focus on high-value interactions. Zendesk’s intelligent tools, like Answer Bot, offer instant resolutions to common customer questions, elevating the overall customer experience.

  • Omnichannel Support: Meet your customers wherever they are—be it email, social media, phone, or chat. Zendesk’s omnichannel approach ensures a consistent and coherent customer journey, regardless of the communication channel, enhancing the quality of customer engagements.

  • Actionable Insights and Analytics: Make informed decisions with Zendesk’s advanced reporting and analytics features. Understand customer behaviour, identify trends, and measure the impact of your customer service initiatives. These insights enable continuous improvement and optimization of your customer experience strategy.


User-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and flexible pricing options.


Advanced features may require additional purchases, and reporting capabilities can be improved.


Starts from $55 per agent per month.

Zendesk Pricing
  • Suite Team: $55 per agent/month.

  • Suite Growth: $89 per agent/month.

  • Suite Professional: $155 per agent/month.

  • Suite Enterprise: Talk to the team for a comprehensive solution.

Bottom Line:

Zendesk is a beacon for businesses seeking to elevate their customer service game. By offering a suite of sophisticated tools designed to improve customer experience, Zendesk not only helps companies meet their customers’ current demands but also anticipates future needs, ensuring longevity and success in the competitive marketplace.

4. Medallia 

(Best for Analyzing Customer Feedback)


Medallia represents the zenith in customer experience management software, offering a robust platform that enables businesses to capture and analyze interactions across all touchpoints. 

Founded on action-oriented solutions, Medallia has become the backbone of customer experience strategies for many of the world’s most beloved brands. By prioritizing a customer-first culture and focusing on mission-critical aspects of the customer journey, Medallia empowers businesses to reimagine how customers perceive and interact with their brand.

Key Features:

  1. Experience the orchestration of individualized customer journeys at scale, enabling personalized engagement across multiple touchpoints for a seamless customer experience.

  2. Personalized Messaging  AI-driven two-way messaging systems tailor conversations to individual preferences, enhancing engagement and user experience.

  3. They are gathering feedback from employees through a listening survey to understand their exit experience and improve future practices.

  4. Employee Activation involves engaging employees through real-time feedback that is directly linked to actions taken by stakeholders. This process not only motivates employees but also ensures that their contributions are aligned with the organization’s goals. Ideas Fast problem-solving through crowdsourcing

  5. Enhance agent engagement by fostering a more interactive and supportive work environment and optimize service quality through the implementation of advanced training and technology solutions.

  6. Conversation Intelligence offers automated insights derived from every conversation, enabling businesses to understand and improve their communication strategies efficiently.

  7. Intelligent Callback features virtual hold and scheduling technology, offering a user-friendly way to manage call times and enhance customer experience by reducing wait times.

  8. Expertise in research strategy formulation, intricate design processes, comprehensive analytics, and the creation of impactful deliverables.

  9. Consumer Intelligence provides in-depth competitive insights tailored for the retail and restaurant industries, helping businesses stay ahead in today’s dynamic market.

Key Benefits 

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Through AI-driven analytics and personalized engagement strategies, Medallia provides deep insights into the customer psyche, fostering increased loyalty and trust.

  • Operational Cost Savings: By pinpointing opportunities for customers to self-serve and reducing the need for extensive customer service outreach, Medallia delivers substantial operational efficiencies, with businesses experiencing over $1.5M in savings.

  • Increased Customer Experience Productivity: Leveraging Medallia’s comprehensive feedback mechanisms and actionable insights allows businesses to achieve a 90% increase in productivity related to customer experience tasks.

  • Significant ROI: With a reported 732% ROI over three years, Medallia boosts customer satisfaction and contributes to tangible financial growth, underscoring the value of investing in top-tier customer experience management software.

  • toward


A holistic approach to customer experience management, advanced analytics, and detailed reporting.


Higher-end on the pricing spectrum can be complex for small businesses and may require dedicated resources for implementation.


Contact Medallia for a personalized quote.

Medallia Pricing

Bottom Line:

Medallia’s holistic approach to customer experience management ensures businesses can effectively listen to, prioritize, and act swiftly on customer feedback. 

Whether through enhancing digital experiences, orchestrating individualized customer journeys, or enabling real-time feedback tied to stakeholder actions, Medallia presents a clear pathway toward achieving customer-centric excellence. 

In the quest to cultivate meaningful relationships and drive business outcomes that both you and your customers can feel, Medallia is an unparalleled ally.

5. Qualtrics 

(Best for Analyzing Customer Feedback)


Upon thorough examination, the tool base is undeniably a formidable force in customer experience management software. 

Its intuitive interface and sophisticated features simplify the complex task of gathering and analyzing vast amounts of customer feedback. 

Furthermore, its seamless integration with essential systems ensures that businesses can maximize the utility of their existing technological investments. 

In essence, Qualtrics offers a holistic suite that facilitates the delivery of exceptional user experiences and solidifies a business’s position in the market by fostering enduring customer relationships. 

In light of these observations, it’s clear that Qualtrics is more than just a tool—it’s a strategic partner in achieving customer experience excellence.

Key Features:

  1. Qualtrics is a premier tool dedicated to surveys and collecting feedback, offering unparalleled insights into customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

  2. Empowers users with intuitive tools to design comprehensive surveys, incorporating a wide range of question types and logic to gather precise data.

  3. Provides immediate access to data with dynamic analytics and customizable reporting options, enabling swift, informed decision-making based on feedback.

  4. Integrates feedback across all touchpoints, offering a holistic view of the customer or employee experience to drive improvements and strategic actions.

  5. Facilitates efficient workflows through automation features and integrates seamlessly with other business tools, enhancing productivity and data consistency.

Key Benefits:

  • Holistic User Experience Enhancement: Qualtrics empowers businesses to listen attentively to customers across every channel and touchpoint. This ensures a frictionless and personalized user experience, thriving on structured and unstructured feedback to capture a complete picture of customer needs and preferences.

  • Customized Customer Onboarding: Through the dynamic segmentation and profiling capabilities of Qualtrics, businesses can tailor the onboarding process to meet the precise needs of every customer. This personalization not only streamlines the introduction of customers to services or products but also significantly boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering the right support at the right time.

  • Data-driven Experience Analytics: At the core of the Qualtrics platform lies its advanced experience analytics and AI functionality. This feature allows businesses to dissect and understand every nuance of customer feedback and behaviour. By identifying trends, pinpointing root causes, and recognizing what drives customer satisfaction, companies can make strategic decisions and execute proactive measures to uplift the overall customer experience.


Powerful analytics tools, integration with SAP, and user-friendly interface.


High price points and features can overwhelm beginners, and support can respond slowly.


Pricing for the Qualtrics customer experience tool is based on the quality of digital interactions, including responses from surveys.

Qualtrics Pricing

Bottom Line:

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions that can elevate their customer experience to unprecedented heights. The Qualtrics Customer Experience Tool emerges as a beacon in this quest, offering a robust platform to redefine how businesses interact with their customers. 

With its unparalleled ability to gather and analyze customer feedback across various channels, Qualtrics is an essential asset for any organization aiming to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

6. HubSpot


HubSpot’s Customer Experience Tool is a testament to its company’s goal of helping businesses thrive by placing customer satisfaction at the heart of their operations. By combining ease of use with a powerful suite of features, HubSpot simplifies managing customer relationships and empowers companies to go above and beyond in delivering memorable service experiences. 

With its comprehensive toolset, the Service Hub stands out as a beacon for customer success teams everywhere. It offers a clear path to transforming how businesses engage, understand, and delight their customers. 

In a market where exceptional service is the difference between success and failure, HubSpot offers the tools necessary to participate and lead in creating outstanding customer experiences.

Key Features:

  1. HubSpot’s software enables you to deeply comprehend your customers’ needs through tailored surveys and advanced feedback collection mechanisms.

  2. HubSpot enhances data management with its sophisticated reporting capabilities, enabling the rapid generation of comprehensive reports. It further accommodates the development of ad-hoc reports.

  3. HubSpot’s customer service software streamlines customer support processes, facilitating assistance across preferred communication channels and improving team efficiency.

  4. To truly understand the desires of your customers for your business, it is imperative to not only ask questions but, more importantly, to listen attentively to their feedback.

  5. Service Hub has revolutionized the support system, resulting in faster response times to customer inquiries and enhanced operational efficiency while consistently upholding a standard of high-quality service.

Key Benefits 

  • Centralized Customer Communication: HubSpot allows businesses to manage all customer communications from a single platform—email, live chat, or social media—ensuring no customer query goes unnoticed.

  • Personalized Customer Interactions: With HubSpot’s insights into customer behaviour, businesses can tailor their interactions to meet individual needs, significantly improving customer satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.

  • Efficient Issue Resolution: The Service Hub has powerful ticketing features that streamline tracking and resolving customer issues, making it easier for service teams to prioritize and address concerns efficiently.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: HubSpot provides access to comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling businesses to understand customer trends, measure service impact, and make informed decisions to enhance the customer experience.

  • Scalable Customer Success Solutions: Whether you’re a small customer base or scaling to accommodate thousands, HubSpot grows with you. Its adaptive features ensure that your ability to maintain exceptional service remains constant as your business evolves.


The freemium model is user-friendly and great for small businesses or startups.


More advanced features and customer support are needed for free users.


Paid plans start from $15 per user per month.

HubSpot Pricing

Free Tools: $0 free for up to 5 users.

Marketing Hub Starter: $15 per month per seat.

Marketing Hub Professional: $800 per month, Includes three seats.

Bottom Line: 

In the intricate world of customer experience management, where understanding customer behaviour and ensuring customer success is paramount, HubSpot is a formidable ally for businesses striving to elevate their service standards. 

The HubSpot Customer Experience Tool is ingeniously designed to optimize interactions at every touchpoint, leveraging the power of the Service Hub to deliver unparalleled support. 

7. Adobe Experience Manager 

(Best for Omnichannel Engagement Platforms)

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager represents a pivotal shift in managing digital experiences. By harmonizing content creation, management, and delivery across every touchpoint, AEM empowers businesses to transcend traditional engagement barriers. 

Its comprehensive suite of tools streamlines workflow and elevates the quality of customer interactions. AEM’s personalization capabilities are particularly noteworthy, as they allow brands to craft bespoke experiences that speak directly to individual preferences and needs.

In an era where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, AEM provides the stability and flexibility businesses need to stay ahead. Its scalability ensures that organizations of all sizes can leverage the platform to meet their unique demands. 

It is a versatile choice for companies looking to future-proof their customer experience strategy. Adobe Experience Manager is more than just a tool—it’s a strategic partner in achieving digital excellence and fostering enduring customer relationships.

Key Features:

  1. Adobe Experience Manager is recognized for its exceptional ability to manage customer engagement across diverse platforms, ensuring consistency and personalized interactions at every customer touchpoint.

  2. Adobe Experience Manager provides a powerful CMS that enables brands to create, manage, and optimize customer experiences across web, mobile, and in-store channels seamlessly.

  3. With its robust DAM capabilities, it allows businesses to store, organize, and access digital assets efficiently, ensuring brand consistency across all marketing channels.

  4. Leveraging AI and machine learning, Adobe Experience Manager offers advanced personalization tools, enabling brands to deliver tailored content to individual users, enhancing engagement and customer satisfaction.

  5. It integrates seamlessly with other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, allowing marketers to orchestrate and execute cohesive campaigns across all channels — from social media to traditional in-store interactions, ensuring a unified brand experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Unified Customer Engagement Platform: Adobe Experience Manager excels in providing a single platform to manage content, assets, and digital experiences across all channels. This unified approach ensures brand consistency, which is vital for maintaining customer trust and engagement throughout the customer journey.

  • Streamlined Content Management: AEM simplifies creating, managing, and deploying content across web and mobile platforms. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, businesses can efficiently update content in real time, ensuring customers can always access the latest information and resources.

  • Advanced Personalization and Automation: Leveraging Adobe’s cuAdobe’sdge AI and machine learning technologies, AEM offers advanced personalization capabilities. It automates the delivery of targeted content to individual users, enhancing the relevance and impact of customer interactions. This tailored approach significantly boosts customer satisfaction and engagement.


State-of-the-art digital experience tools, robust analytics, and integration with other Adobe products.


The steeper learning curve can be complex for small teams and high pricing.


Contact Adobe for a personalized quote.

Adobe Experience Manager Pricing

Bottom Line:

In digital experience platforms where managing customer engagement and ensuring consistency across all channels is crucial, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) stands out as a beacon of innovation. 

This comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms is designed to automate customer experiences seamlessly at every stage of the customer lifecycle. AEM’s robust features enable businesses to deliver compelling content that resonates with audiences, enhancing brand loyalty and driving growth. 

8. Monday CRM

(Best for customer relationship management)

Monday CRM

After thoroughly evaluating Monday CRM Experience Manager, I found that this platform is much more than a conventional customer support tool. Its emphasis on integrating growth strategies with comprehensive customer experience automation sets a new benchmark in the field. The platform’s ability to platform and personalize customer support processes results in satisfied customers and genuine brand advocates.

The centralized system is a game-changer, simplifying the management of customer data and interactions and ensuring every team member is on the same page. This unity is crucial for delivering a consistent experience to every customer, regardless of how they interact with your business.

Furthermore, the analytics platforms are a standout feature, providing actionable insights that guide strategic decision-making and foster continuous improvement. With its scalable architecture, Monday CRM Experience Manager is an investment that grows alongside your business, making it an ideal partner for companies at any stage of development.

Key Features:

  1. excels at lead management, providing a comprehensive system within its project management platform that encompasses the entire sales cycle, facilitating seamless tracking of prospects.

  2. Monitoring the customer journey is imperative, given that timing is a critical factor in sales. For example, trying to finalize a sale immediately following the initial presentation may not yield the best results. Therefore, it is vital to utilize software that tracks interactions, thereby allowing you to synchronize your efforts with your organization’s customer journey map.

  3. effectively bridges the gap between back-office personnel and customer-facing teams, enhancing efficiency in routine tasks and saving valuable time for all involved. It provides ongoing, pertinent insights into your team’s activities, ensuring that you remain well-informed at all times.

  4. Data possesses immense value for businesses, particularly for sales teams. utilizes CRM data to identify trends and generate insightful reports. These reports can be meticulously examined to find strategies to improve your team’s performance.

  5. Dashboards are essential for sales teams, offering comprehensive insights into performance metrics, client positioning within the sales funnel, and daily tasks. provides a visually compelling dashboard that promotes alignment and cohesion among team members.

  6. offers key automation functionalities that conserve precious time for your sales team, enabling them to focus on nurturing prospective clients. Through the configuration of alerts and reminders, it ensures your team is promptly notified to capitalize on customer opportunities.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless Customer Experience Automation: Monday CRM Experience Manager excels in automating critical customer experience workflows. This capability ensures customers enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted journey from start to finish, significantly enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Personalized, Enhanced Customer Support: The platform provides tools that offer immediate access to customer histories and preferences, enabling support teams to deliver highly customized assistance. This tailored approach resolves issues more effectively and elevates the overall customer experience.

  • Unified Customer Data and Communication: With its centralized system, Monday CRM Experience Manager consolidates all customer information and interactions into one accessible location. This integration fosters improved team collaboration and ensures a cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints.

  • Invaluable Data-Driven Insights: The platform empowers businesses with critical insights into customer behaviour and trends through its advanced analytics and reporting features. With this knowledge, companies can make informed decisions, fine-tune their strategies, and achieve sustained growth.

  • Scalability for Every Business Size: With adaptability in mind, Monday CRM Experience Manager is a versatile solution that scales with your business. Whether spearheading your own or running a large enterprise, this platform adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring long-term success.


The visual interface is excellent for team collaboration and customization options and is affordable for smaller businesses.


Lack of traditional CRM capabilities and basic reporting may require integrations for a full CX suite.


Starts from $39 per month for two users.

Monday CRM Pricing

Free: $0 free forever

Basic: $9 seat per month

Standard: $12 seat per month

Pro: $19 seat per month

Enterprise: contact the sales team.

Bottom Line: 

Monday CRM Experience Manager redefines the landscape of customer support and experience management. Merging customer support with growth strategies into a single, powerful system equips businesses to thrive in today’s competitive environment. For those seeking to revolutionize their customer support and drive meaningful growth, Monday CRM Experience Manager is undoubtedly worth exploring.

9. Zoho

(Best for Customer Relationship Management Functionalities)


Zoho Customer Experience Manager is a sophisticated solution that addresses the multifaceted needs of modern businesses striving to excel in customer engagement. Its commitment to creating a unified hub for customer conversations marks a pivotal step towards eliminating silos that often hinder the delivery of a cohesive customer experience.

The platform’s emphasis on the platform’s situation is particularly noteworthy. In an era where customers value recognition and tailored experiences, Zoho’s capability to Maximise interactions based on comprehensive insights sets it apart. This enhances the overall customer experience and elevates brand perception and value.

Furthermore, the operational efficiencies gained through Zoho’s automation and slow optimization are invaluable. Reducing the administrative burden on teams enables businesses to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on innovation and customer-centric strategies.

Key Features:

  1. Zoho Creator is the go-to for tasks like management, CRM, ERP, or other applications. It offers intuitive, visual development environments and pre-configured code segments for quick business application creation. Easily integrate components with drag-and-drop to bring your applications to life in real-time.

  2. Efficiently transition your existing business data from diverse sources, such as legacy systems and spreadsheets, into a contemporary, integrated environment.

  3. Collect diverse data types, develop a custom data model, and visually depict the data architecture and its interconnections. Methodically plan each stage and centralize all details of your applications in one unified location.

  4. Integrate data from various sources to produce detailed cross-functional reports and perform in-depth analyses of business operations. It is essential to keep all stakeholders informed with up-to-date metrics, notifications, and a clear comprehension of their respective roles.

  5. Allow us to manage the routine tasks. Zoho Creator applications are engineered to enhance your workflow automation by gathering data, facilitating payment transactions, updating your CRM, and managing email and report distribution, among other capabilities. This empowers you and your team to achieve greater efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Unified Customer Interaction Hub: Zoho Customer Experience Manager excels in unifying all channels of customer conversations into a single, easily navigable interface. This centralization streamlines communication, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered and every interaction is handled with the utmost efficiency and care.

  • Enhanced Personalization of Customer Journeys: Leveraging powerful analytics and customer data, Zoho enables businesses to tailor the customer experience at every touchpoint. By understanding individual preferences and behaviours, companies can craft customized engagements that resonate deeply with each customer, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Optimized Operational Efficiency: With automation tools and intelligent workflows, Zoho’s platform significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage customer experiences. This optimization allows teams to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth while maintaining high customer service standards.


All-in-one suite for customer management, affordable pricing, and scalability for growing businesses.


Some users report the user interface as less intuitive than competitors, and support can sometimes respond slowly.


Starts from $35 per user per month.

Zoho Pricing

Bottom Line:

Zoho Customer Experience Manager provides a robust foundation for enterprises looking to revolutionize their approach to customer engagement. Its comprehensive features ensure businesses can manage conversations, personalize experiences, and improve operational efficiency—all critical components for building lasting relationships and achieving long-term success. For those seeking to elevate their customer experience management platform, Zoho offers a compelling, all-encompassing solution.

10. Pipedrive


Pipedrive Experience Manager stands out for its commitment to simplifying and enhancing every aspect of customer engagement. Its focus on facilitating seamless communication and capturing the voice of the customer through feedback surveys allows businesses to stay closely connected with their audience’s evolving preferences.

The platform’s robust data formation capabilities ensure that every interaction is personalized and meaningful, fostering deeper connections between businesses and their customers. Additionally, the automation of workflows liberates teams from mundane tasks, empowering them to concentrate on delivering exceptional service.

Perhaps most importantly, Pipedrive’s analyticsPipedrive tools offer invaluable insights into customer trends and team performance. This dual focus helps refine customer service strategies and recognizes and addresses areas for improvement within the team.

Key Features:

  1. Launch an email, SMS, or phone call directly from a contact’s profile with a single click.

  2. Efficiently manage and respond to all leads and messages via your unified Leads Inbox.

  3. Utilize merge fields and flexible email templates to send customized emails in bulk, ensuring a personalized touch.

  4. Effortlessly integrate with social media and messaging platforms to ensure seamless communication with leads and contacts.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined Customer Communication: Pipedrive provides a centralized hub for managing all customer interactions, enabling service teams to deliver prompt, coordinated, personalized responses across various channels.

  • Insightful Customer Feedback Surveys: With built-in tools for creating and distributing customer feedback surveys, Pipedrive easily gathers valuable insights directly from your clientele. This feedback is crucial for understanding the customer’s voice and the continuous improvement in service delivery.

  • Enhanced Customer Data Organization: Pipedrive organizes customer data into actionable profiles. This organization aids in personalizing the customer experience and ensuring every interaction is informed by historical data and preferences.

  • Automated Workflow for Efficiency: By automating routine tasks and setting up intelligent follow-up reminders, Pipedrive ensures that customer service teams can focus on what truly matters—building relationships and resolving issues efficiently.

  • Powerful Analytics and Reporting: Gain deep insights into customer behaviour, service team performance, and overall customer satisfaction through Pipedrive’s comprehenPipedrive’sics dashboard. This data-driven approach enables businesses to make strategic decisions that enhance the customer experience.


Intuitive and user-friendly, excellent pipeline management, and great for sales-focused teams.


Limited customer service tools and basic reporting may require integrations for a full CX suite.


Starts from $12 per user per month.

Pipedrive Pricing

Essential: US$ 12 per seat per month.

Advanced: US$ 24 per seat per month.

Professional: US$ 49 per seat per month.

Power: US$ 59 per seat per month.

Enterprise: US$ 79 per seat per month.

Bottom Line:

Pipedrive Experience Manager provides a comprehensive feature suite that empowers customer service teams to excel. By prioritizing efficiency, personalization, and the voice of the customer, Pipedrive ensures businesses are well-equipped to meet and exceed expectations in today’s competitive world. For companies seeking to elevate their customer engagement practices, Pipedrive offers a sophisticated, user-friendly solution that promises tangible results.

11. Freshdesk


Freshdesk Experience Manager is a testament to Freshworks’ commitment to promoting customer service. Its intuitive design and plethora of features address the complex needs of modern businesses, enabling them to create and maintain a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint. The platform’s emphasis on platform support stands out, reflecting an understanding of the diverse ways customers today choose to interact with brands.

The automated workflow and ticketing system exemplifies how Freshdesk is designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring that customer issues are resolved promptly and with minimal friction. Additionally, the focus on self-service options underscores a proactive approach to customer support, where empowering customers is as crucial as assisting them.

Perhaps most importantly, the actionable insights and analytics offered by Freshdesk provide a clear window into the effectiveness of customer service efforts. This data-driven perspective is invaluable for businesses committed to ongoing improvement and excellence in customer experience management.

Key Features:

  1. Freshdesk offers an integrated platform that centralizes customer interactions across various channels, such as email, chat, phone, and social media, enhancing the efficiency of customer service operations.

  2. Acknowledging the critical role of internal communication, Freshdesk enhances seamless collaboration among support agents. Through the use of shared inboxes, ticket assignments, and comprehensive visibility into colleague activities, teams are empowered to address and resolve issues with increased speed and precision collaboratively.

  3. Freshdesk leverages artificial intelligence to automate standard support tasks, offering customers instant, round-the-clock assistance via sophisticated chatbot technology.

  4. Freshdesk not only manages customer inquiries efficiently but also excels in orchestrating communications across multiple platforms. It adeptly tracks conversations on social media, handles emails, and coordinates live chats, ensuring all communications are captured and addressed. This capability streamlines the workflow and guarantees that no customer query is overlooked.

  5. Freshdesk enhances the capabilities of customers and supports agents through an extensive self-service portal, which includes FAQs, articles, and forums. This allows users to find solutions to frequently asked questions efficiently.

Key Benefits:

  • Omnichannel Support: Freshdesk enables businesses to manage customer interactions across all channels from a unified interface. This omnichannel approach ensures that whether a customer reaches out via email, social media, chat, or phone, the experience is seamless and consistently high-quality.

  • Automated Workflow and Ticketing System: Through advanced automation capabilities, Freshdesk streamlines the ticketing process, automatically categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning tickets to the appropriate team members. This significantly reduces response times and boosts overall efficiency.

  • Customizable Self-service Options: Offering a robust knowledge base and community forums, Freshdesk empowers customers to find answers to their queries independently. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces the workload on support teams by diverting routine inquiries.

  • Actionable Insights and Analytics: With comprehensive reporting tools, Freshdesk provides detailed analytics on customer satisfaction, agent performance, and support operations. These insights enable businesses to make informed decisions to improve the quality of their customer service continuously.


User-friendly and easy to set up, the free plan is available, and solid multichannel support.


Advanced features require upgrading to more expensive plans, and reporting could be more robust.


Starts from $15 per agent per month.

Freshdesk Pricing

Free: $0 up to 10 agents.

Growth: $15 per agent per month.

Pro: $49 per agent per month.

Enterprise: $79 per agent per month.

Bottom Line:

Freshdesk Experience Manager is more than just a tool—it’s a strategic asset for businesses dedicated to improving customer service. Its comprehensive features and intuitive interface make it an indispensable solution for creating memorable, positive customer experiences. For companies at any stage of growth, Freshdesk offers a scalable, powerful platform to ensure they remain at the forefront of customer satisfaction.

12. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is a testament to innovation in customer feedback collection and analysis. Its conversational surveys are a breath of fresh air in the otherwise monotonous landscape of customer feedback tools. By engaging customers in a dialogue, SurveySparrow captures more than just responses; it captures the nuances of customer sentiment, offering a depth of insight rarely achieved by traditional survey methods.

The omnichannel platform ensures businesses can engage with their customers at various points of the customer journey, crafting a comprehensive picture of the customer experience. This multichannel approach is crucial for companies aiming to understand and improve customer interactions across all touchpoints.

Furthermore, advanced analytics and reporting functionality are critical features. With it, businesses can move from reactive to proactive, using data-driven insights to anticipate customer needs and address issues before they escalate. The ability to drill down into the data and extract meaningful information allows companies to refine and perfect their customer experience strategies continuously.

Key Features:

  1. Enhance your survey experience by elevating it to a personal level with SurveySparrow’s engaging chat-like interface, designed to make participants feel as though they are engaged in a conversation rather than completing a survey.

  2. Surveys are frequently perceived as laborious. Replace the repetitive task of form-filling with engaging conversational interactions to increase response rates.

  3. Whether through social media, a web link, an email survey, or by embedding a survey on your website, please be assured that we are fully equipped to manage any channel efficiently.

  4. Configure the survey distribution process a single time, and subsequently, it functions with complete automation. You possess the capability to precisely define the timing of survey dispatches, encompassing the hour, date, and day.

  5. Enhance your insight into the behaviour of your loyal customers with this clear metric. SurveySparrow’s NPS software facilitates the collection of this data more proficiently and effectively!

  6. SurveySparrow’s advanced dashboard is meticulously crafted to enable you to derive meaningful insights and ideas from survey responses.

Key Benefits:

  • Engaging Survey Experience: SurveySparrow elevates the standard survey process by providing an engaging, conversational interface. This unique approach improves response rates and enhances the quality of feedback received, offering more accurate insights into customer satisfaction.

  • Omnichannel Feedback Collection: With SurveySparrow, businesses can collect feedback across multiple channels, ensuring a holistic view of the customer experience. Whether through email, web, social media, or mobile, the platform facilitates seamless integration into the customer’s preferred customer points.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: SurveySparrow has powerful analytics tools that dissect feedback for actionable insights. Businesses can easily identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement, enabling them to make informed decisions to elevate the overall customer experience.


Real-time response capabilities, strong analytics, and a dedicated focus on customer experience.


Higher pricing can be complex for smaller businesses and may require dedicated resources for implementation.


Contact SurveySparrow to receive a personalized quote designed to meet your specific requirements.

SurveySparrow Pricing

Bottom Line:

SurveySparrow offers a robust and innovative solution for businesses focused on optimizing their customer experience. Its emphasis on conversational surveys, combined with omnichannel feedback collection and advanced analytics, makes it a valuable asset for any organization looking to gain a competitive edge through superior customer insights. For those seeking to elevate their customer experience through the entire customer lifecycle, SurveySparrow provides a compelling platform that prioritizes satisfaction and actionable feedback.

13. Birdeye


Birdeye Experience Manager is notably more than a conventional customer service tool; it is a strategic asset for any business focused on excellence in customer experience. Its ability to unify customer support channels into one system radically simplifies the management of customer interactions, ensuring consistency and quality at every point of the customer journey.

The real-time feedback mechanism is a game-changer, providing immediate insights that empower businesses to act swiftly, turning potential detractors into promoters. Furthermore, Birdeye’s impact on reputation through its sophisticated review management features cannot be overstated. In today’s digital age, online presence is critical, and Birdeye positions businesses to achieve just that.

Additionally, the platform’s deep personalized customer journey mapping offers a granular view of customer experiences, facilitating targeted improvements that genuinely matter to customers. The automated review request feature further enhances this by ensuring a steady stream of positive feedback, bolstering the brand’s reputation.

Key Features:

  1. Witness results within weeks with Birdeye, attributed to our world-class, personalized onboarding and implementation services.

  2. Elevate and safeguard your success with a scalable solution that is meticulously crafted to grow in tandem with your enterprise, seamlessly accommodating anywhere from 50 to 5,000 locations.

  3. Guarantee the safety and security of your data with Birdeye’s extensive data protection measures and enterprise-level security capabilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized Communication Hub: Birdeye consolidates various communication channels into a single dashboard, enabling businesses to manage customer interactions seamlessly across platforms. This centralization ensures no customer query goes unnoticed, regardless of where it originates.

  • Real-time Customer Feedback Collection: The platform gathers real-time customer feedback at every touchpoint. This immediate insight allows businesses to address concerns and adjust strategies to enhance customer experience promptly.

  • Enhanced Online Reputation Management: By aggregating reviews from over 150+ sites and providing tools for easy review response, Birdeye helps businesses improve their online presence and credibility, directly influencing customer acquisition and loyalty.

  • Robust Analytics and Reporting Features: Birdeye offers comprehensive analytics, enabling businesses to connect metrics with customer sentiments. These insights are invaluable for making informed decisions that align with customer expectations and market trends.

  • Automated Review Request System: With Birdeye, companies can automate the process of requesting customer reviews, thereby increasing the volume of positive feedback and amplifying their brand’s voice online. Personalized Customer Journey Mapping: The tool provides capabilities to map out and understand the customer journey in detail, identifying key moments that matter the most to customers. This personalization helps in crafting experiences that resonate and convert.


User-friendly, multichannel support management, robust online reputation management tools, and great for local businesses.


Pricing is not transparent and may require customization for specific needs.


Reach out to Birdeye to obtain a customized quote tailored to your needs.

Birdeye Pricing

Bottom Line:

Birdeye Experience Manager offers a versatile and powerful solution for businesses aiming to excel in customer experience. By integrating customer feedback, support, and online reputation management into a cohesive strategy, Birdeye helps companies meet and exceed customer expectations, fostering loyalty and driving growth. For companies looking to harness the full potential of their customer experience efforts, Birdeye presents an invaluable tool.

What Are The Benefits of Using Customer Experience Software?

Investing in customer experience tools and software offers multiple advantages:

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Tools allow you to understand customers’ needs and problems, leading to better product and service adjustments.

  2. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Customer-centric strategies build trust and strengthen the relationship between the customer and the brand.

  3. Increased Revenue: Satisfied and loyal customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and contribute more to the company’s bottom line.

  4. Greater Operational Efficiency: Automation and streamlining of processes result in better resource utilization and a smoother customer experience.


Through our comprehensive reviews, meticulously curated lists, and exclusive advice, we have endeavoured to provide a roadmap to excellence in customer engagement. Each tool and software solution highlighted offers unique capabilities, yet all share a common goal: to streamline customer communication, enhance the quality of customer relationships, and ultimately drive business growth.

These platforms are not just tools; they are catalysts for transformation, enabling businesses to unlock their full potential in the realm of customer experience.

The landscape of customer experience management is ever-evolving, and staying ahead requires not only the adoption of cutting-edge tools and software but also a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. By integrating these top customer experience tools into your strategy, you position your business at the forefront of innovation, ready to excel in creating exceptional customer experiences.

Remember, in the quest to achieve greatness in customer relationship management, the right tools are your most valuable allies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a CX tool?

A CX tool, or customer experience tool, is software designed to manage, measure, and improve the customer experience with your business across all touchpoints in their buyer’s journey.

Why choose the best CX tool?

The best CX tool can help you better understand your customers’ needs, predict their behaviour, and provide more personalized and efficient services, ultimately leading to better retention and revenue.

How do you select the right customer experience (CX) tool?

When choosing a CX tool, consider the size and nature of your business, your current CX strategy, the scope of features you need, integration capabilities, and support and training requirements.

Customer Experience Tools Types

Customer experience tools can be broadly categorized based on their primary function:

  1. Feedback and Survey Platforms: Tools like Qualtrics and Medallia specialize in collecting and analyzing customer feedback across various interactions.

  2. CRM and Service Platforms: Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk are known for their customer relationship management functionalities that help businesses manage and improve customer service processes.

  3. Omnichannel Engagement Platforms: Platforms like Sprinklr and Adobe Experience Manager focus on managing customer engagement and consistency across all channels, from social media to in-store experiences.

  4. Analytics and Reporting Tools: Tools that provide deep insights into customer behaviour and preferences, such as Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI, play a vital role in shaping the customer experience strategy.

What are the four components of customer experience?

The four components of customer experience are:

  1. Strategy: Creating a vision for the desired customer experience and aligning it with business objectives.

  2. Design: Mapping the customer journey and ensuring each touchpoint contributes positively to the overall experience.

  3. Measurement: Collecting relevant data and analyzing it to understand the effectiveness of the CX strategy.

  4. Culture: Fostering an organizational culture that emphasizes the importance of the customer and strives to improve the customer experience continuously.

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