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Do impulse decisions screwup your finances?

Let’s talk about impulse decisions because I definitely fall victim of those ones. Not to say that I don’t enjoy those decisions. In fact, most of the time I actually do very much enjoy them, and perhaps that’s the reason why I keep on embarking on those impulse decisions. One… right after the other. 

And if that wouldn’t impact my financial situation, I guess it wouldn’t bother me that much, or let’s say, it wouldn’t trigger me to think about it in the meantime… but it is. 

You see, while reading, researching and trying to understand why we buy the things we do, and what triggers us to do it, I completely wiped out the impact of which generation you are part of. Each generation has different triggers and that is because they have grown up in specific atmospheres that impact their spending behaviors.

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Traffic fines… and the Year of Tolerance | Tales of an Excessive Spender

One way to save money is to avoid traffic fines. 

One speeding ticket will cost you nearly 160 USD… A parking ticket costs about 50+ USD even if God forbid you only forgot to renew your parking for 10 minutes. 

It hurts. Traffic fines hurt… especially, when you wake up to a text message in the morning with your fine. You thought you were driving all safely and by the rules… until you see that text message, and start recalling… Where did I speed? What did I do?

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The Money Illusion… is it enough? | Tales of an Excessive Spender

Talking about my pursuit of savings with one of my friends, and he tells me one thing, there is no “Baraka” here… in Dubai, when it comes to money. “Baraka” means you don’t get the most out of your money in Arabic… or in other words, you get the money, spend it, and don’t know where on Earth did it go.  

He just came from New York a few months ago and even though he is getting paid more here, he tells me, he can’t save. He was able to save though in New York.

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