I was having a discussion with one of my good friends when I asked him for his thoughts about a new idea that I have. 

Before entertaining this conversation, he asked me, “What’s the purpose of this?” In other words, why am I doing it? What do I want to get out of it? 

I opened up and started talking about my WHY—which completely changed the dynamic of the conversation. The conversation was extremely exciting, and our brainstorming was so fruitful— utterly different than what I thought it would have been. 

And that was one conversation. 

But what about everything else we do? 

When I started writing my book, the first thing my book coach asked me was: What is it that you want to achieve by writing this book? It’s again the same question—just different words. 

What is my WHY? 

When you get crystal clear about what’s your goal, it becomes simple, and you find it very easy for you to do what it is that you want to do. At least—you keep the motivation for it. 

Because, to be frank—who is excited every day to do the same thing? It takes discipline and motivation to keep at it—and that ‘WHY’ does it for you. 

Start with the end in mind.

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