If you had watched “Fight Club”, you might be familiar with this phrase. 

“The things you own end up owning you.” 

We develop relationships with our things. We do. 

And that’s because the things we own, help us, achieve one of two things, if not both. 

Our things help us physically or they help our mental well-being. 

1] Things that help us physically

I make great coffee at home. 

Why is that? 

I have amazing coffee machines at home, that help me make just the right latte or espresso, even the perfect Turkish coffee. 

If I don’t have the coffee machines, I would need to find another way to make great coffee at home. Perhaps, the French press, the Italian Moka pot, or even the good old teapot on the stove. 

Wait a second, I need a pot? Huh… I need a teaspoon. I need a stove too! Not to mention the coffee beans. 

The things that we own help us achieve physical results. 

And that’s just my morning coffee. 

How about our jobs?

2] Things that help our mental well-being

You see, heels are painful, yet so many women still wear them. Even those that are orthopedic and medical. Those shoes also hurt. Trust me. 

I spent a lot of money on those, and while an occasional one or two pairs happen to be comfortable, the rest, don’t. I am talking about heels here. 

So, why do women keep wearing those heels even when they hurt so damn much? 

Because they make us look hot, professional, or sophisticated. It depends really on the context. 

Is it in the office? Is it at a dinner party? 

Even though heels are so God damn painful, there is a huge market for it. Women are crazy over shoes (and some over heels, specifically). I don’t even know how many heels I have. 

The things we own, don’t end up owning us. The things we own, help us achieve the things we want to achieve, the image we want to portray, the person we think we are. 

The things we own help us both physically and mentally. 

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