One way to save money is to avoid traffic fines. 

One speeding ticket will cost you nearly 160 USD… A parking ticket costs about 50+ USD even if God forbid you only forgot to renew your parking for 10 minutes. 

It hurts. Traffic fines hurt… especially, when you wake up to a text message in the morning with your fine. You thought you were driving all safely and by the rules… until you see that text message and start recalling… Where did I speed? What did I do?

And… since you get that fine, you learn to not speed up again in this area. You learn to stop your meeting to renew your parking… and for some of us, you learn to not cross a red traffic light. That stuff is serious. You get black points and you get to miss your car for a few weeks… besides of course the fine. 

But, luckily, for the some of us, who live in the UAE, this year is the Year of Tolerance… which means what? 

You get discounts on your fines from 25% and all the way up to 100% depending on how good you are behaving.

The below infographic explains it neatly. 

Source: Dubai Police Image Credit: Image Credit: ©Gulf News

Source: Dubai motorists can get up to 100 per cent off on accumulated fines in Year of Tolerance

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