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10 Psychology Tricks that Make You Buy more at the Supermarket

Supermarket Psychology: Product Placement is not Random

Supermarkets. Pretty standard, right?
It’s the one place everyone has been to and goes to on a weekly basis. Except, this isn’t the point. The point is, whichever supermarket you visit, it still has the same old basic arrangement of products. Try recalling the supermarket’s layout. So the veggies and fruits are placed at the entrance, meats, and cheeses at the back (always at the back), and let us not forget candy is at the cashier no matter what. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that all supermarkets happen to have the same design?

How many times have you bought goods you didn’t intend on buying when you first stepped into the store?

The arrangements of products inside a supermarket are not random; they are mainly categorized and organized in this way to indulge you into buying more. They are carefully designed psychological tactics to play with our shopping experience.

Why don’t we find out about some tricks? Shall we?

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Why did I start wearing that special occasion dress in a typical day?

While I intend to do the “spring cleaning” and do the occasional cleanup, I don’t get rid of as much stuff as I should. 

Any messy person like me, who made the attempt to try to be more “organized”, and did a little Googling, will find Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying. Although I had a pretty failed attempt on following her footsteps, as I mentioned in I couldn’t be a minimalist and here is why, I did come up with the conclusion of having, keeping and buying only the stuff that I fall in love with. Stuff that makes me feel beautiful. Stuff that makes me happy.

I can’t help but notice though that I do have many many things that I keep for a special occasion. That dress that was on a special sale I bought 4 years ago and never “had” the chance to wear it. The silver heels that I bought for that special occasion and only have worn it once at that special occasion. The candle lights that I will light up when I want to pamper myself at home. The jewelry that will only be suitable for that special occasion… that by the way, doesn’t happen that often.

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