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Will social distancing keep us “safe” and get us addicted?

Social distancing. Isolation. 

Stay home. Stay safe. 

I am bombarded with those messages and I am sure you are too. 

As sick as I am of those, I am sure you are sick of them too. 

It’s no doubt that social distancing in the time of a pandemic will “keep you safe” from the highly contagious COVID-19. 


What if this social distancing will result in other problems for us as a global society, turning the majority of us to addicts, of whatever substance that induces dopamine?

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In times of uncertainty, we revert to our natural instincts

In times of uncertainty, we don’t know what to do. We revert back to our natural instincts. We take a step back from the pursuit of practically anything to the pursuit of survival.

When we don’t know what’s going to happen, we feel scared. We are afraid. What’s next?

One day our generation’s (millennials) consumerism was tagged to be on the lookout for experiences rather than possessions, only to find ourselves locked down with nothing but our possessions.

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