If the desire is what makes customers buy, then what is desire? 

The million-dollar question, 

“How can I tap into the desire of my customers?”

But before we talk about “how”, let’s first explore “what” is desire.

If I want to simply summarize desire, I would in two categories: 

  1. Desires that are based on biological triggers
  2. Desires that are influenced by mass advertisements 

Let’s look at the first one, shall we?

1] Desires based on biological triggers

You see, in one of my previous posts, I wrote about the three parts of our brain and how each one of those brains influences our decision-making process.

  1. Old brain — survival instincts
  2. Mid-brain—emotions
  3. New brain — rational reasoning

You first tap into survival desire, then trigger emotion for it and provide your customer with a rationale to justify the purchase for himself later on. 

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What are those survival instincts? 

I promise you, it’s not just food and shelter. There are 8 needs that trigger those biological instincts, and those needs are the first step for our wants and needs. 

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2] Desires influenced by mass advertisements

It’s not a primitive instinct that drives you to want the latest iPhone or the ripped jeans that cost $$$. 

Mass advertisements intensify your need to get that new iPhone even though your phone works quite fine.

You want to feel that your standard of living has elevated.


Because the more you are exposed to it, the more you think it’s good. Mass advertisements tap into social validation bias. 

If others wear ripped jeans, they must be trendy. 

So what does this mean for you? 

If you want to exploit a desire that was created from mass advertisements, you want to catch the current in the beginning. 

Ripped jeans are trendy for a few years, and then they are not. 

Final thoughts

Desire is the hopes, dreams, fears, and emotions of your customers. It’ what makes them grab their wallets. You just need to know which desire are you tapping into. Is it to be safe? Companionship? Care for loved ones? 

Which one is it?

That requires some digging. 

Don’t you think?

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