Making money is not that straight forward, or else, the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” wouldn’t exist. 

There is only one way to make money — that is by selling a product or service to customers who would value it and pay the price you have asked for.

Customers are human, and the most fundamental part of us as a human is that we buy for a reason. 

We buy to satisfy our hopes, dreams, fears, and emotions. 

Desire is the driving force that makes us buy. 

When you are able to discover those desires and map them to your product, only then, you would be able to sell it. 


This is where the art of the written word comes into play. 

Your written copy, your advertisement, your headline, your landing page, your brochure, or even your tagline. 

That copy your customer reads is what connects the dots. 

Which dots? 

Two dots: 

  1. Customers desires, hopes, dreams, fears, and emotions 
  2. Your product 

Before you write your copy or design your advertisement, even before you create your product, make sure to tap into your customer’s desires. 

Make it very clear in your head. Learn and unlearn, then understand, study, and know your customer’s desires that will channel them into buying your product. 

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