Here’s one trick to learn from Zara to get customers to buy when they are on the fence.

You see, my favorite clothing brand is Zara. I guess many people share the same love. I love their products, the style, the quality, and that it’s not too expensive. It’s so easy to look trendy with outfits you buy from Zara when you have a good stylist or have a sense of fashion.

But those are not the only reasons many people or I love to buy from Zara and continue to buy even when we are unsure if we really want to buy that one shirt. 

Zara has nailed one thing, their refund policy. Their refund policy is for 30 days. Many brands have their refund policy for three days, seven days, and the generous ones give you up to 14 days for you to make up your mind. But Zara gives you 30 days. So, whenever you are in the fitting room, unsure, if you really want to buy that shirt, you tell yourself, But I have 30 days to think about it and if I don’t like it, I am returning it. 

And guess what? Most of the time, you don’t actually return that shirt.

The longer period you give your customers to refund their purchases in your refund policy or money-back guarantee policy, the more secure they will feel to buy, and the less likely they will actually refund that purchase. 

Does the refund policy or money-back guarantee help you make a decision to buy when you are at the fence?

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