Sometimes we put things off because we need the right systems in place, the right tools, the right systems,  the right automation, and having things be just “right.” 

As a fellow perfectionist, it’s not something that I am proud of, it’s just part of me for now. I think I have to get those “right” things first and out out of the way. 

I think: I will do this when …, and I will… when. 

And so happens when creating a new product, service, or even setting up a new structure in your team. 

The best way for the systems to properly work is when the base is right. 

The base is never right from the first time. 

As I am working on my book now, and it’s finally past the editing phase. Woohoo! 

I still need to work on the formatting and the marketing bits. 

One of those bits is crafting my book description. 

At first, I thought how hard that could be? I wrote the book, right. And I do know a thing or two about copywriting. 

But man, how many iterations did that book description take, I don’t even want to know. And to top it, I got help from my book editor and a copywriter. 

I am still working on it. 

My point is…

The first time will always suck. That’s almost 100% guaranteed. 

And so when investing in systems and tools, you don’t really want to jump headfirst with your first product, service, or structure full-on with fancy automation and polished output. 

Instead, implement first an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), and when that is refined multiple times until you nail it, then, start investing your time and money into systems and automation. 

At that point, it would be about making more of what has proven to work. Not shooting in the dark, and hoping it would work.

What’s the one thing you want to do, and stopping yourself from doing because you have to do that one thing “right”?

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