Sometimes we do stupid things. 

We make impulsive decisions and rely on our gut. 

How many times have you thought, “What the hell was I thinking?”

What you have done is not logical. In fact, you have used to good old SWOT analysis diagram, you wouldn’t have even thought about that stupid thing you did in the first place. 

The thing is, we, as humans, are not wired to make decisions based on the good old SWOT analysis. We don’t make every single decision based on calculated rational, else, we would be stumbled, and for the most part, not make many decisions. 

There is where our mid-brain (read: To sell, speak to all three parts of the brain) taps in and helps us make decisions, based on emotions, value judgment, and the reward we get out of making this decision.

  1. Emotions are how we feel. Are you joyful? Sad? Stressed?
  2. A value judgment is not necessarily the right judgment, but it’s the judgment you make based on your gut at that point in time. For example, you just met someone new, you have “feeling” about this person. Maybe you like him, perhaps you don’t. Either way, you don’t have a rational to base your “judgment” on that person. It just works in the back of your head, without even thinking about it. Maybe the way he shook his hand was not firm enough. It could be his outfit or his voice. His haircut? Maybe. 
  3. Rewards are what boost dopamine in your body. It’s the “feel good” hormone, the “well done” cheer. You eat chocolate and you feel pleasure, so you grab another bite… and another bite. You don’t really think of the calories and how much weight you will gain once you finish a gigantic chocolate bar. Then you think…

 “What the hell was I thinking?”

That is also the reason you make impulsive purchases. It’s because of that “feel good”, “well done” reward feeling you while buying that product. 

For example, you saw an ad, clicked on it, and landed on a beautiful, professional-looking website, selling a product that will make you feel great about yourself. You don’t think twice, you make a “value judgment”, you click on order and input your credit card details. The package arrives home and you feel good about yourself, or maybe even regret it and think, “What the hell was I thinking?”

One more stupid thing you just did. 

It’s not all bad though. In fact, if we don’t make “value judgments”, we will be paralyzed, stumbled at every decision we make.

We are wired to use our emotions, our value judgments, and work to increase that dopamine in our system. 

We strive for a “well done”. 

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