Elevate your customers’ ‘state’ of mind and you will keep them coming back.

One of the 4 steps of the FAST method mentioned by Jim Kwik to remember ANYTHING is the “State” step, which is basically your state of mind when you are ‘learning’.

How are you feeling? Are you bored? Are you excited? Are you surprised? Are you amused?

I wanted to contemplate at that step — that “State” one, and how we can use it to enhance the memorability of customers to a specific experience… 

… and so I stopped for a moment and tried to remember which restaurants I have been to that delivered an elevated emotional state — that made my experience so memorable and kept it always on top of mind. 


I can’t recall but one Indian restaurant called Trèsind that I visited perhaps 3 or 4 years ago. 

It was recommended by an Indian friend of mine. He was a good customer at the restaurant or had connections, I can’t exactly recall. The one thing I remember though is that he asked the restaurant to make our experience “really special”. 

When I visited Trèsind years and years ago, we didn’t order the classic main dish, but rather we got a tray of mini bite-sized “tapas” of Indian food.

The way the food was served was exceptionally memorable. It felt like a “food show”. From the moment the waiter came with the tray, to the different Indian “tapas” we received, to the way some of the dishes were prepared right in front of us, it was such a unique experience. 

I was so immersed in the experience that I didn’t take pictures or videos for that matter. 

Whenever anyone visits Dubai and wants to eat Indian food in an exotic place, I always mention Trèsind.

I visited it just once and that experience was so engraved in my memory. I don’t think I will ever forget it. 

Fine dining is not really my “thing” and that’s perhaps the reason why I didn’t become a ‘repeat’ customer, but I am sure as hell I spread the word. 

Food for the thought… 

If you want your customers to have you on top of mind, deliver an experience, which will evoke emotions that are so strong. Emotions that elevate your customers’ ‘state’ and engrave that experience in their memory.

But hey…

What are the other 3 steps of the FAST method to remember ANYTHING? 

Alright, so the FAST method stands for… 

  • Forget — Forget everything you know about the subject. Have that beginner’s state of mind that will make you receptive to new ideas. Free your mind from the preconceptions of what you already know. 
  • Action — Engage, implement, take notes, ask questions. Don’t just be a silent listener. 
  • State — Make sure you are in a state of mind that is elevated. If you are bored, the chances of you remembering anything gets slimmer by the second.
  • Teach — Learn with the intention to teach others AND then teach others. When you have that intention to teach, you listen more attentively, you take better notes and more importantly you learn twice as much as someone who won’t teach it to someone else. 

Here is a question for you… 

Will you teach others the FAST method?

If you do, you would more likely to remember it. 😉


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