All the time in the world won’t help if you can’t focus, especially when you know what you can do when you are focused. 

When we can’t focus, we tend to procrastinate and undermine our capabilities. What we used to do can’t be done anymore, and what was never attempted doesn’t even seem possible. We can’t get ourselves to do the work because we don’t “see” the point. 

But there is something about showing up. You drag yourself, sit and say, “Hey, I am ready now,” only to find yourself numb. Then, you doubt yourself, “Is it even worth it to show up again?” You tell yourself, “Trust the process,” and show up again. The second time, you are still not focused, but you give it a try. It sucks, but it doesn’t matter. You tell yourself, “What is this sh*t?” Then, you pat yourself on the shoulder and say, “Hey, at least I am doing something.”

You show up repeatedly, and every time there is some progress, but not what you hoped for. You are not entirely focused, and you are not satisfied with your creative work. You give yourself permission to slow down. Permission to slow down but not to completely stop. You tell yourself, “I am getting there.” You continue working and then realize it’s not that bad. You think, “Sure, it can be better, but let me see what I can do with that.” Every time you show up, it gets better, not like how you want it to be, but slightly better. Until one day, you don’t reach perfection, but you get to the point where you know you have given it your best, and tell yourself, “The next project will be even better.” 

When was the last time you felt stuck?

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