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Do food ordering apps help gain or lose customers?

I guess when it comes to ordering food, we don’t want to think much. All we want is to get our food as soon as possible, like right now, at this exact moment, especially when we are hungry. 

Before online food ordering apps or websites, we used to order by calling a phone number, and so the popular chains started to create a shorter version of that number so it’s more memorable to its customers. 

Now, I, like many others rely on food ordering apps. In fact, I don’t want to come near the phone at any point for my order. I am a millennial and I guess it became part of how our generation likes to order food. We weren’t brought up using the app, but we sure as hell got used to it. 

So here is a food ordering story from today…

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My restaurant experience with Poke & Co

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post in neuromarketing blog about the restaurant experience, and how you can use consumer behavior principles and embed them within this experience to get the best out of it as a restaurant owner. 

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… and so today, I have decided to go through the steps of the restaurant experience as a customer in one of my very favorite restaurants here in Dubai, which is Poke & Co.

Step 1: Discovery - Word-of-mouth
It started off contemplating with my team at work on our options for lunch. It was too hot for us to go out and grab something, and so one of my work friends suggested we order from Poke & Co. 

I was like, “What is that?”

My friend told me it’s sushi in a bowl.

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