Hey there, I am Sherwette…

… and I am passionate about consumer behavior.

But also, I am a woman of many passions. Lucky me, right?

Emilie Wapnick describes that kind of people as “multipotentialites” in her Ted Talk, why some of us don’t have one true calling? 

One question that always intrigues me is “why?”

If I am not convinced, then good luck having me do anything. Some people call that, hard to manage, but is it? Maybe curious, or a little geeky?

I have recently come to a situation, where money was a pressing need for me. I blamed myself, “I could have saved, if only, I didn’t buy this, or if only I saved this money when I traveled, if only I negotiated a better deal, if only I made use of the discounts I have, etc.” 

My “if onlys” were endless… and still, are…

But like every single one of us, I can’t change the past. No matter how much I need to change it, I just can’t. The past is the past, and that’s just a reality I have to live with it.

What’s the plan?

Moving forward, I decided to save, and if there is a reason or a goal in your mind for saving, you will find a way. Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they call it.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you it’s easy. On the contrary, it is so hard. Today, I bought ice cream and thought, “Why did I have to spend money on this?”. I know, insane. Right?

In my journey, I will be looking for tips on saving money and sharing them with you. I will also be sharing some of my daily reflections and spending choices. What I feel is the most exciting though is that I have decided to study behavioral biases/cognitive biases and understand how they influence spending decisions, and sometimes, decisions in general, like taking risks? Not to mention the many consumer behavior books on my reading list.

I told you, “why?” is my favorite question.

Curious to learn more about consumer behavior and our motivations toward making purchases, I am discovering not only tricks or tips that can help in spending less but also proven methodologies on how to sell. There are two sides of the same coin right? Fascinating. I am excited. Very, excited!

Passionate about consumer behavior, as well as, my absolute admiration to entrepreneurs, I am learning how to capitalize on that understanding to use marketing as a tool to connect consumers with what they are looking for and can’t find, rather, than just buy stuff and spend their money on things they don’t need. 

My wardrobe is a living proof of burned money on clothes I bought I don’t need, don’t look good on me, on which I have bought them, because they were so damn cheap, and of course it was through an online application, that required me to pay more than the cost of those clothes just to return them (to China). You see, this is exactly the kind of thing that I would like to help you avoid. Those temporary temptations that suck the money out of your bank account, little by little, and then you end up thinking, “where is all my money?” 

Whether you are planning to save or not, I am pretty sure you might find things here that you could relate to. I am an excessive spender. Remember that.

One thing I can promise you is that it wouldn’t be boring. 

My challenge is pouring my heart out with you, sharing my personal motivations, spending temptations, and insecurities that could deem very embarrassing. Remember, who feels guilty about buying ice cream? For the money, not the calories?

Hop on with me on my journey, and let’s see what it will bring.

The lack of money stops you from spending, but what makes you want to spend in the first place?

I’d love to connect…

Note: My views are my own, and do not represent any of my employers.

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